Company Profile



We are unique in that we have been cultivating markets for hair growth
preparations in the world, combing high technology and traditional
wisdom concerning the power of naturalmedicinal herbs, roots and plants.
We are now widely known to the world outside of Japan.  

Brand KAMINOMOTO, 加美乃素, 髪之素
Head office3-25 Kumochibashi-dori, 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0055 Japan
TELTEL (078)231-1455 FAX (078)231-8265
Tokyo branch24-6, 3-chome, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 Japan
TEL (03)814-0211 FAX (03)814-0216
Factory1-11 Kumochibashi-dori, 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0055 Japan
Founded inAug-1908
Sales routeKaminomoto→Agents→Retailers
BankThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Sannomiya branch,
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Sannomiya Corporate Business Office
RepresentativePresident Norihira Nakamura
His native placeKobe
His public officeChairman of Hyogoken Keshouhin Seizou Yunyu Hanbai Kyoukai,
Vice Chairman of Cosmetic Industrial Association of Japan,
Vice Chairman of Cosmetic Industrial Association of West Japan
Constitution of ProductsHair products 80%, Others 20%

History(in Japan)

1908 AugustEstablished in Kobe. Launched “Kami Paper Powder”.
1932 AprilSettled the company structure as the limited partnership company.
Started manufacturing and launching Hair Grower “KAMINOMOTO” and promoted through newspapers, magazines and so on.
1934 AprilChanged the company structure from the limited partnership company to the general partnership company.
1951 AprilRecovered after World War II. Relocated the headquarters and factory to the current place, and resumed manufacturing and launching “KAMINOMOTO”.
1953 NovemberChanged the company structure from the general partnership company to “Kaminomoto Co., Ltd.”.
1956 MayEstablished “Kaminomoto sales in Tokyo Co., Ltd” in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. (Current: Tokyo branch).
1957 NovemberThe headquarters building completed at the current place.
1959 AprilThe TV program “Kaminomoto Sunday Theater” started on Nationwide TV station, Nippon Television.
1959 JuneLaunched “Kaminomoto” for South East Asia.
1959 DecemberLaunched the first liquid hair styling product in Japan “Pomadol”. This product had explosive sales so we became well-known as a famous brand of hair styling products at once.
1960 AprilWon a prize of Invention for “KAMINOMOTO”.
1961 MarchSouth factory completed at the headquarters.
1961 AprilWon a prize of Invention for Hair Liquid “POMADOL”.
1961 OctoberLaunched Kaminomoto products in Italy and got a footing in European market.
1962 JanuaryWest factory completed at the headquarters.
1962 JuneReported our original ingredient “KAMIGEN” forAlopecia at The 3rd International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in New York.
1962 OctoberThe welfare hall “Maya building” completed.
1965 MarchLaunched the updated products“Kaminomoto A series” with our original ingredients ”Kamigen E” and ”Kamigen K”.
1967 AprilLaunched hair grower “BLACK KAMINOMOTO A” and hair styling product “BLACK POMADOL A”.
1968 AprilReported our original ingredient “NEO TAKANAL Derivative” for Alopecia at The 5th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in Tokyo.
1970 MayLaunched Hair growers for young people “KAMINOMOTO MEN’S KAMINOMOTO” and “KAMINOMOTO LADIES’ KAMINOMOTO” and got more young customers.
1975 AprilPerformed “Kaminomoto on Stage” by the Takarazuka Revue at 47 sites across the country.
1977 AugustHeld the hair counseling campaign “Kami Matsuri” at stores across the country and opened “Hair consultation service for customers” in the headquarters at the same time.
1983 JulyLaunched new products “MEDICATED KAMINOMOTO” and “MEDICATED KAMINOMOTO S” with the herbal ingredient Rosemary extract.
1990 JulyReported about “incentive to Melanocyte” at The World Congress of Pharmacology in Amsterdam.
1995 JanuaryHanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred. Especially, our manufacturing line was heavily damaged by the earthquake but we resumed it and restarted manufacturing very soon.
1996 MarchLaunched whitening skin care products with the new patent Vitamin C “AA-2G”, “Elastect Whitening”.
1997 SeptemberReported our original ingredient “AA-2G” at TheInternational Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in Acapulco.
2000 MarchLaunched “Kaminomoto A (Non-fragrance)”.
2001 FebruaryLaunched New typed Hair Manicure “Color Again”.
2003 FebruaryLaunched New Hair Accelerator “Medicated Hair GrowthTrigger” with Oil-soluble Masaki Extract which is extracted from Masaki leaf and stem,
rebuilds the network of capillary vessels around hair roots by the vascular function.
2006 SeptemberLaunched New Hair Manicure “Kamikrone” with double coloring effects which are hair manicure and the coloring effect by the daylight.
2007 MarchLaunched Hair Accelerator “Tokusei KyoryokuKaminomoto A (Non Fragrance)”.
2008 MarchLaunched Hair Grower “Kyoryoku Kaminomoto A (Non Fragrance)”.
2009 SeptemberLaunched Hair Nutrients “Ladies Kaminomoto EX (Non Fragrance)”.
2009 OctoberDonated the curtain “Access the World-Hishou-“ to Takarazuka Grand Theater.
2011 FebruaryLaunched New Medical Hair Accelerator “Vi-Kaminomoto” and new Hair Oil “Pomadol Olive Hair Emollient Series” with olive oil.
2011 SeptemberLaunched New Hair Nutrients “Black Kaminomoto NEO”.
2012 MarchLaunched New Hair Manicure “Color de eco” and “Color de retouch.”
2013 FebruaryLaunched New Hair Grower “Medicated Bihatsugen”.
2013 AugustLaunched New Hair Nutrients ” Ladies Dark Brown”.
2014 FebruaryNew Brand ” Hairie” was born and launched “Quick Blow Mist (Bulgarian Rose fragrance)” and “KaHoRe: Hair Essence”.
2014 SeptemberRedesigned “Hair Accelerator (Lemon lime fragrance and Floral fragrance)” bottle.
2015 FebruaryLaunched “Hairie Quick Blow Mist (Citrus fragrance)”.
2015 SeptemberLaunched New Hair Manicure “Color Again Plus”.
2016 FebruaryNew Brand “Mineral Hair Series” was born and launched New Hair Grower “Medicated Mineral Hair Grower”, New Hair Shampoo “Medicated Mineral Hair Scalp Shampoo” and New Hair Conditioner “Mineral Hair Scalp Massage Gel Conditioner”.

History(in the world)

1959Launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Ceylon, Okinawa.
1961Launched in Italy.
1962Exhibited in the International Trade Fair in Milan, Italy.
Launched in Thailand, Australia, Kuwait and Mexico.
1963Launched in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Switzerland,Denmark, Panama.
1964Launched in Indonesia, Philippines, France, WestGermany and Finland.
Announced new ingredient “KAMIGEN” in the Third “International Federation of Societies
of Cosmetic Chemists” in New York, U.S.A
1965Launched in South Africa, Mauritius, SouthIslands, Taiwan, Guam, Curacao and U.S.A.
1966Launched in Nigeria.
1967Launched in Mozambique.
1968Announced new ingredient “NEO-TAKANAL derivatives” in the fifth International
Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists in Tokyo, Japan.
Launched in Sweden.
1970Launched in Angola, Laos, Yemen, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
1971Launched in Kenya and New Hebrides.
1972Launched in Suriname.
1975Launched in Dominican Republic and Canary Islands.
1978Launched in Seychelles.
1981Launched in Muscat.
1985Launched in Korea.
1995Launched in Canada.
1997Launched in Nepal.
2000Launched in Bangladesh.
2003Launched in Kazakhstan.
2006Launched in Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
2007Launched in Afghanistan.
2008Launched in Holland.
2009Launched in Egypt.
2010Launched in Sudan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.
2013Launched in Russia.
2014Launched in Yemen and India.
2015Launched in Armenia, Poland, Maldives, Brunei and Cambodia.
2016Launched in Mongolia.