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For person who have a deep interest in Hair Care products and Skin Care cosmetics! If you are afflicted with dandruff, itch on your scalp or being baldness or want to lighten your skin, please look this home page.
For the above person, we have many special products which are manufactured with the traditional formula of KANPO (Japanese herb medicines) which is the Oriental Mysterious knowledge since very ancient times.

* KANPO needs long time to show its effect to the full, compared with European medicines.
European medicines work strongly to the affected part. However, it has little effect to diseases occurred by a functional disorder extended the whole body or another disease.
Furthermore, European medicines give strong side-effects to your body when they are prescribed much. Therefore you must take them under the doctor surveilance.
On the other hand, the basic theory of KANPO is that any disease occurs from some functional disorders in your body, even if it seems like only locally, must have some functional disorders somewhere in your body.
Therefore, KANPO is used with a view to make the whole body healthy, not only locally.

The materials for KANPO are all natural like vagetation, mineral and animal. The formula selected among the natural materials, according to symptoms, will be treated with the traditional knowledge and experiences through couples of thousand years.
KANPO aims for resuming your original healthy body by normalizing your body functions with the natural cure ability of human, therefore it needs long time, but it is very effective and safety because it has no side-effect.

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