Kaminomoto Nourishing Conditioner


Kaminomoto Nourishing Conditioner

Scalp care for the healthy hair growth !!
The basis of hair care for you.

Kaminomoto Nourishing Conditioner

KAMINOMOTO Nourishing Conditioner

Jojoba- oil and other selected ingredients keep hair and scalp healthy, clean and beautiful.
Special Keratin-active substances protect your hair and make it easy to manage.
Ideal before KAMINOMOTO Hair Growth Tonic or Accelerator.

<Directions for use>

1. Pour the proper quantity of the conditioner out of the bottle on your hand.
2. Spread it in your hair but not on your scalp.
(If your hair is damaged, leave it for two or three minutes. )
3. Wash it out with water.  

Cetyltrimethylammonium ChlorideCETRIMONIUM CHLORIDEEasy to attach to hair and give flexibility.
Prevent static electricity and dust.
OxybenzoneBENZOPHENONE-3For stability
Citric AcidCITRIC ACIDKeep potential of weak acidity.
DibutylhydroxytolueneBHTFor stability
Stearyl AlcoholSTEARYL ALCOHOLFor protect hair
p-hydroxybenzoic acid esterMETHYLPARABEN
Glyceryl monostearate , lipophilicGLYCERYL STEARATEEmulsifying agent
PetrolatumPETROLATUMOil agent
Jojoba OilSIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OILGives moisture, prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth.