Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo


Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo

Scalp care for the healthy hair growth !!
The basis of hair care for you.

Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo


A feeling of use is mild. Keeps healthy scalp and hair,
and improves the effect of hair growers.
Steers elasticity and sheen of hair.
Harbal green Fragrance.

<Directions for use>

1, Wash hair with warm water.
2, Take the proper quantity of the shampoo on your hand, froth it and shampoo your with the foam.
3, Shampoo like massage scalp with fingertips.
4, Wash it out with adequate amount of water. It is the important point.
When you use a lot of shampoo, it orvertakes seubm and may be the origin of dry scalp or dandruff. Use proper quantity of shampoo.
Wash your scalp and remove dirt of pores with Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo.

Sodium ChlorideSODIUM CHLORIDEThicken agent for product.
Propylene GlycolPROPYLENE GLYCOLGives moisture to hair and scalp.
Sodium Laureth SulfateSODIUM LAURETH SULFATEFoaming agent. It washes out dust and germs.
Cocamide DEACOCAMIDE DEAThicken agent for stability, and washes out dust and germs and cleans scalp.
Glycol DistearateGLYCOL DISTEARATEOpacity agent for product.
TrichlosanTRICHLOSANPreservative for product.
Polyquaternium-10POLYQUATERNIUM-10Easy to attach to hair and give flexibility.
Prevents static electricity, and attaching dust.

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed

Oil (Jojoba oil)

SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS (JOJOBA) SEED OILGives moisture, prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth.